Hosoo’s Studio in Residence Project 1st Edition


20 December 2019-11 April 2020

From the first artist in residence project by HOSOO Co., Ltd., held the Colortage exhibition that showcased the works by Dutch textile designer, Mae Engelgeer. Mae has gained worldwide attention with her unique textile philosophy. With her distinctive sense of color and innate knowledge, she has a special gift of designing minimalistic textiles that are full of intuitive sensibilities.

This exhibition was the result of Mae Engelgeer’s one-month artist in residence project that started in July 2019. During her time, she collaborated with HOSOO craftsmen and explored new boundaries of Nishijin textile expression. This exhibition’s title, Colortage is the combination of the two words “color” and “heritage,” which represent a new type of textile. “Color” represents Mae Engelgeer’s unique color philosophy. “Heritage” represents the historical culmination of Nishijin textile.

As a part of this exhibition, the Sinuous textile work was displayed as the fruits of her residency in an installation. In addition, HOSOO’s 2020 textile collection that stems from the collaboration between Mae Engelgeer and HOSOO was on display.

Exhibition Handout


Mae Engelgeer

From her high school days to her studies at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and Sandberg Institute, textile design has always been at the heart of Dutch designer Mae Engelgeer’s work. Since opening her own studio in 2013, she has nurtured her curiosity for the craft, experimenting within the existing boundaries of textile production to elevate old techniques to a modern stage. Mae Engelgeer’s work embraces subtle color palettes, patterns and linear elements. Complex compositions merge with perfection to establish harmony. Creative explorations into the contrasting of materials and textures result in works that are luxurious in their tactility and dimensionality. In addition to developing her own collections, Mae Engelgeer collaborates with brands around the world on projects ranging from textile products and furniture design to material explorations and art direction to large-scale installations and public artworks.